A complete solution that includes Email Marketing, Websites, Surveys, Events, Storefront and more


Cut monthly costs by as much as 80% by using ChamberZoom's suite of business solutions


Save time by working within one unified system, save data by consolidating into one place


Communicate clearly and quickly, while learning more about your clients, vendors, and prospects

Who can use it

ChamberZoom is the perfect solution for small business, micro-business, sole proprietors, salespeople, non-profits, teams, and so many others. Of course, larger entities love us too. ChamberZoom's Email Marketing platform coupled with our industry lowest rates makes us a perfect partner.

What's included

  • » Manage Your Brand
  • » Email Marketing
  • » Surveys
  • » Events and Meetings
  • » Media Storage
  • » Contact Management
  • » Website
  • » Online Store
  • » State of the Art Analytics
  • » Project Management

Streamline Your Operation

Not only is our software inexpensive, we are also confident that we will replace one or more monthly fees you are currently paying. ChamberZoom saves you money on anything from a website, to surveys or event invitations, to contact management and so much more.

Why ChamberZoom is special

  • » Focused on business owner needs and designed to save time and money.
  • » Gain ultimate control and automate the details.
  • » Secure, powerful and flexible software allows access to your business anywhere in the world.
  • » Data is always password protected for your eyes only.

Create your new account today

ChamberZoom is the premier web-based management system created for small businesses. ChamberZoom provides integrated, state-of-the-art, user-friendly marketing and operational management all in one place. Our suite of software applications can easily take the place of applications or software that cost your business too much time and money to maintain. ChamberZoom saves you time while providing the tools needed to grow a business, focus on your brand, organize clients and empower employees.

How ChamberZoom Protects You

Leave nothing to chance

What happens to your company when a key employee quits, gets sick or jumps to the competition? How much of your business' key data is on a personal laptop or individual computer? What is your risk right now?

ChamberZoom's suite of products protects against loss. In so doing we make your business stronger, less reactionary and flat out more productive.

Please click on the links at left to better understand how our numerous features are designed to protect your company!

Contact Management

Implementation of a means to gather information and use of a system that easily enables retrieval of customer contact information

• ChamberZoom's secure Internet based product provides protection by safeguarding irreplaceable data from computer crash, fire or employee theft.

• All entry into ChamberZoom is password protected. None of your data is stored on individual computers so it cannot walk out the door.

• There is never an additional fee for ChamberZoom's contact management system.

Email Marketing

An inexpensive means for managing your brand by communicating directly to both customers and prospects.

• ChamberZoom protects your brand from being altered.

• With unlimited subscribers there is never a worry that anyone will be without access.

• Review all communications with ChamberZoom's test emails. Protect against messages that do not follow company guidelines.

• By using ChamberZoom you protect yourself from ending up in junk mail because graphics and content are housed on our secure servers.

Project Management

Using a system to guarantee accountability for specific tasks, all of which combined, enable meeting or exceeding time, budget and deliverability goals.

• Manage important projects through ChamberZoom and protect against missed deadlines.

• ChamberZoom connects staff together so project managers have instant updates online and through email throughout the life of a project.

• ChamberZoom enables you to pick up where an employee left off so that illness or job jumpers cannot stop progress.

Media Storage

Use of a secure server to house important data enabling easy downloads of documents, pictures and more.

• ChamberZoom helps you maintain control of your company's data files. Protecting you from loss associated with theft, error, computer crash or acts of nature.

• Protect yourself from not having what you need to get the job done. ChamberZoom's media storage is accessible on the Internet from anywhere in the world.

• ChamberZoom eliminates attaching large files to emails that bounce or get caught in spam filters.


The science of logical analysis. ChamberZoom provides detailed reporting for every email sent.

• ChamberZoom eliminates the unknown by tracking receipt, opens and clicked-through detail for each individual contact address.

• Quickly identify hot prospects who have been actively looking at your messages.

• ChamberZoom's analytics are invisible so you never have to worry about your readers receiving an annoying email receipt request or feeling like big brother is monitoring what they read.


Specific question based communication designed to gather prospect and customer feedback.

• ChamberZoom makes acquiring key information simple. Every survey is easy to create and all responses are compiled instantly within an easy to read report.

• We protect your budget with no hidden fees. Unlike the competition, ChamberZoom never charges for sending a survey or for the responses you receive.

• Protect yourself from being reactionary. By asking for customer feedback you will be better informed and therefore ready to take action.

Build Brand Awareness

In order to be recognized your brand must have a consistent look and feel.

• Protect yourself against unwanted changes to your brand or message. ChamberZoom templates allow you to establish the brand and your employees to work within your design.

• With ChamberZoom you are able to lock in every aspect of your brand: logo graphics with size and color, font size and color and slogans along with anything else that distinguishes your unique brand.

• ChamberZoom puts the focus on your brand!

Website and Online Store

A virtual marketplace for displaying and selling products and services.

• Sell any products and services with your own online storefront

• Sell downloadable products (e.g., software, whitepapers) securely

• Track purchases, abandoned carts, and sales goals

• Set up fundraising campaigns and give your contacts the ability to sell through their own portals


Don't just take it from us...

"Happy Friday! Here is my exciting news! I made the call today to cancel my account with Constant Contact... woo hoo! Thanks to Chamber Zoom I am able to eliminate that monthly bill!"
- M. Orey, Workplace Learning & Performance Group

"This is very, very cool. I love it. To have this is the best thing a company can ever have."
- R. Kempf, Ronald Kempf Enterprises


Managing & Marketing your business is easy with ChamberZoom!